Hello! I'm Allegra!
Food enthusiast, recipe tester, cat lady, picture taker, world explorer, and amateur exerciser currently living in San Antonio. This blog is a place to share adventures, recipes, and crazy cat lady stories with a few other things mixed in.

A bit about me: My appetite for cooking came from my mama. She was always concocting something in the kitchen when I was growing up. Now I'm constantly on the search for new recipes to taste and restaurants to try. My urge to explore the world began before I could walk with my parents taking us on trips. Now my list of places to see keeps growing. I'm addicted to cheese, a good sale, Harry Potter, stripes, nail polish, and pajama sets.

I have a black cat named Phineas. When he was a tiny kitten he ran up to me on the street one day and I have been a cat lady ever since. He eats just about everything, loves digging up the house plants, and knows how to use the toilet.

Thank you for keeping in touch!
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