Saturday, October 24, 2015

Anchorage, Alaska.

This post is way overdue, but as some of you may know my family and I went to Anchorage, Alaska in August to watch Alex and the rest of the Texas 4000 2015 team ride in. We got to do some exploring around the city before and after they arrived, so here are a few photos. Hopefully next time I'll get to do some more exploring and see scenery and wildlife.

^^ Moose selfie in the airport! ^^

^^ Our hotel was on a lake, and this was the view from our window. ^^

^^ Downtown Anchorage. ^^

^^ Farmer's market downtown. ^^

^^ On the flight to Anchorage, we met the gentleman whose dad started the Alaska Coffee Roastery. He was at the farmer's market with his coffee the day we went, so my dad and I loaded up on a few bags. ^^

^^ Salmon fishing!! ^^

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