Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Monthly Morsels: The Past Few Months.

You guys. It has been way. too. long. Life has been really hectic so far in 2015 (that's no excuse), but I have so many things to share with you! I miss you! And blogging! Below are some pictures of what has been going on the last few months.

^^ Joy the Baker's Quick and Dirty Chocolate Espresso Cinnamon Rolls. AKA the best cinnamon rolls you'll ever eat. ^^

^^ The rodeo came to town!! ^^

^^ We ran the Be My Valentine 5k. ^^

^^ I've been trying to get into an exercise routine again, so when ever the weather is decent the Riverwalk is a great place to get a work out at. The view isn't too bad either ;) ^^

^^ I visited the Texas State Capitol! Which of course warranted a selfie with it in the background ;) ^^

^^ Donating blood! ^^

^^ Our new plant friend! Don't ask what it looks like now... ^^

^^ Those Texas sunsets! ^^

^^ SXSW in Austin. ^^

^^ Leon Bridges, ladies and gentlemen. Listen to him. You won't regret it. Promise. ^^

^^ I've been meal prepping up a storm over here and it is amazing. It seriously makes things during the week so much easier! ^^

I am glad to be back! See you again soon :)

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