Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Monthly Morsels: September.

Happy October! I'm so happy it is here! It means my favorite time of year is approaching. If only the weather here in Texas would catch up too and cool down.

Like I previously said, I've been having terrible luck with photos lately. I had to get a new phone and in the process lost ALL of my pictures that were on the old one. There was an issue with backing them up on my computer and then they all disappeared in the switching over process. Talk about heart break. Anyways, here are some morsels from September that were spared. Hope you're as excited for fall as I am!

^^Kim and I went water skiiing & tubing with my family. ^^

^^My mom and I participated in a 5k for suicide awareness at Ft. Sam Houston. ^^

^^ Phineas was not excited for our trip to Seattle. (more pictures of the trip to come soon!!)^^

^^ The Dig! If you haven't heard them yet, you need to. ^^

^^ We went to Siclovia for my dad's birthday. ^^

^^ Everyone wanted pictures with Alex since he was in town. ^^

^^ Fern and I made a delicious steak dinner with herbed butter, baked potatoes, and green beans. Afterwards we went into a food coma. ^^

^^ He has a really hard life. ^^

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