Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Terrible Twos!

Yesterday we welcomed Phineas' terrible two stage. I don't even know if cats have a terrible two stage, but whatever. It was his second birthday. Happy birthday little fuzz ball! Without you I wouldn't wake up finding a yarn ball dismantled across the whole house or step out of bed onto a cockroach. I would be able to get ready in the morning without someone constantly meowing at me until I feed them, as if I'm going to forget. My legs wouldn't be attacked as I round a corner. Cooking would be WAY easier without someone eating out of the bowl the second I turn around. I could have house plants and not worry about someone digging them up and/or pooping in them. But, I also wouldn't have someone to be lazy with in bed on Sunday mornings or take a nap with in the afternoon. It wouldn't sound like there's a little horse galloping down the hall. There wouldn't be anyone to kill the cockroaches for me. I wouldn't have a soft fuzzy pillow to cry into or someone to sit at my shoulders while I'm reading a book. I wouldn't have someone to share my cereal milk with. And I wouldn't have someone following me around the house like I'm the coolest ever and everything I'm doing is super interesting. Phineas, you're kind of a weirdo, but you're cute too so I guess we can let the weirdo part go. Now let's have a cat party!

You can catch Phineas' first birthday here and here.

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