Thursday, June 5, 2014

BBQ in the Park.

On Monday evening, Fernando, Nick, and I had a spontaneous BBQ dinner in the park close to our houses! It was nice to feel like we actually did something on a week day. Normally, after work I come home and watch TV. Most of the time I'm too tired (or lazy) to even make dinner. I always struggle with the question of should I sit down on the couch. Once I do, it is game over. It's like I get glued to the thing and can't get up. Forget the gym. Forget dinner. Forget cleaning. Basically forget everything. It takes everything in me to get up off the couch and be productive after working all day. I was determined to stay away from the couch though and enjoy the extra hours of daylight and wonderful weather on Monday! It was totally worth it, too.

^^ The handsome chef. ^^

^^ I tried to be healthy and use a sandwich thin instead of a bun... it just wasn't the same. ^^

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