Monday, May 5, 2014

Snacking On-the-Go.

I'm always trying to find delicious and healthy snacks that are easy to bring to work or grab when I'm on the go. A couple of weeks ago a coworker introduced me to something called Graze. Graze is a company that sends you inexpensive boxes of natural and tasty snacks right to your door step! Once you sign up on the website, you have the option to rate over 90 snack options. Based on these preferences, they send a new box every 2 weeks with 4 different perfectly portioned goodies.

In order to give back, they started the graze school of farming in rural Uganda. They teach the community how to grow, maintain, and harvest fruit from their own orchards. One of the greatest things about the school is that it provides the graduates with a sustainable source of income because each student is given the means to grow food for themselves, their families, and to sell at local markets.

The school is funded by generous people like you and I! Whenever someone signs up with your friendcode, you can choose to donate your $1 reward to the graze school of farming. This helps them continue to provide training and on-going support to more people. My friendcode is ALLEGR5RP. When you sign up using that code, I will receive the option to give back and donate $1 to the graze school of farming! You will receive your 1st and 5th graze box for free! Woohoo!

This is not a sponsored post. I love my experience with Graze so far and believe in what they are doing for people in need. I just want to spread the love and share such a wonderful company with others!

1 comment:

Aaleen Cox said...

This box is so cute! I must try it! :)

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