Tuesday, December 3, 2013

It's December!

Guys, it's my favorite time of year! Once December hits that means holiday activities may commence! You might remember how last December Holly and I wasted no time filling every single day with a little holiday cheer. I'll be honest, I listen to Christmas music occasionally all year round, but that is something you can hide easily. However, it's not really acceptable to have a Christmas tree up, fake snowflakes hanging from your ceiling, and a cat in a red and green sweater any other time of the year. Although I wish it were. People look at you kind of funny.

Obviously the first way to celebrate was to start decorating, so my tree went up immediately. Unfortunately, it didn't stand a chance though...

I swear it looked better for the first 5 minutes it was decorated. Then Phineas discovered it and things went down hill from there. At first he just chewed on the branches and used it as a scratching post. Now he thinks it's a game to try and get the ornaments out of the tree. Literally none of them are safe.

Not even Santa.

If you look closely, you can see him carefully selecting his next victim.

Happy holidays everyone! Hopefully my tree survives through the season. I'm pretty sure only people with real trees ever have a reason to say that.

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