Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It Looks Like Fall!

Last year was the first year I ever decorated for anything other than Christmas. When I think about it now, I can't believe it because fall is pretty much my favorite time of year. This time around I decided to stick to more fall themed decorations instead of Halloween. This way I can leave the decorations up for a lot longer and it will totally be okay. Because let's be real... who has time to take them down once they're up? And because that means I get to look at them longer.
I found the little pumpkins at Trader Joe's, but you can pretty much find them any where right now! They last for forever, too! Last time I got real pumpkins they were probably around until at least January with no signs of rotting. I just felt so guilty throwing them away since they hadn't gone bad.
I made the leaf garland myself and will give a how-to on the blog soon!

And of course, the house is always full of different fall smells right now. I use these scented waxes by Glade with my warmer and the pumpkin candle is from World Market.

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