Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Fernando and I celebrated our 2 years on August 28 with a picnic! To be honest... it was kind of a mess at first. We spent forever at the grocery store trying to find the perfect foods and wine. We had absolutely no clue at all what cheeses to pair with what meats and what meats and cheeses to pair with what wines. Thankfully those lovely people at Central Market are so helpful. We ended up with some great selections, and headed to the park. Here comes mess number two. We couldn't find the perfect spot. We took so long at the grocery store that it was already getting dark outside and most of the spots in the park are covered with trees. Obviously that is ideal for a sunny day, but not when you need the most light in order to be able to see your food and chat with your handsome date. We walked back and forth until finally we found a decent spot. The incidents didn't stop there though. On one side of us there was a couple fighting. Awkward. Especially since they weren't particularly close and we could still hear them. On the other side of us there was some weird bird making a screaming noise. Oh and our food brought attention to the stray cats that live in the park. Really though... it was an amazing night. We ate tasty foods, sipped on some delicious wine, and just enjoyed each other's company. I wouldn't have spent it any other way.

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