Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Work in Progress.

I've been on a blogging hiatus. I'm going to blame it on too much Orange is the New Black and being too tired. Those aren't very good excuses, but they're true. I suppose if I said work, then that would be more acceptable and in that case I've been tired because of work. How's that?

Anyways... I'm back and for a while now (basically my whole blog's existence) I've been trying to figure out exactly how I'd like things to look around here. In the upcoming week(s) I'm going to challenge myself to learn more about HTML and whatever else makes blogs pretty. I'm not technically inclined, so bear with me. Things will probably be moving around quite a bit, changing colors, appearing, and disappearing. Please excuse the mess during this process and thank you for your patience. It will be looking spiffy soon!

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