Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's for Lunch?

To me, one of the most special things you can do for someone is cook them a meal. It is so thoughtful to know that someone planned the perfect meal, purchased the ingredients, and created a dish just for you no matter how it turns out. That is the exact reason why I wanted to make a homemade meal for my dad.

The strawberry basil lemonade was so refreshing and perfect for summer! I'm definitely going to make it again. I really like the post because it gives different flavor combinations, and they're all so easy.
I tweaked the pasta recipe a teeny bit because I didn't have any pistachios, so I just skipped them. We finished the whole bowl right there between the three of us!
For dessert, we had the cookies! I am obsessed with anything brown butter, and these were amazing. My dad doesn't even like chocolate and he ate two of them. Needless to say, they were gone in a couple of days.
^^ The meal was so fabulous that even Phineas decided to help himself! ^^

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