Friday, May 10, 2013

What's for Dinner?

I decided to start a fun new series called "What's for [Breakfast] [Lunch] [Dinner]?". Essentially the series will be what I made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and I'll share the recipe. Sometimes I might create my own recipe and other times I'll share someone else's. It won't be EVERY single time that I cook. Just when a recipe turns out super delicious or it's something really special. Cooking is a huge part of my life and this way you can join me on my foodie adventures and hopefully even try making some of the recipes as well!
This first recipe is a twist on something classic and it was really simple to make! Easy Springtime Crock Pot Minestrone. I cut the recipe in half since there are only two of us, and there were still plenty of leftovers. I also changed a couple of the ingredients from How Sweet It Is' recipe according to what I had in the pantry. I love anything in the crock pot. It is probably one of my absolute favorite inventions EVER. You put your ingredients in before you go to work, it cooks all day, and by the time you get home dinner is ready. Voilá!
^^ He doesn't have the best manners. ^^

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