Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy [Belated] Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day was kept a little more low key, but it was still so beautiful! I treated my mom and grandma (her mom) to a homemade brunch at my new apartment. What is more special than a home cooked meal for the lady herself who taught me everything I know about the kitchen? There were no crowds to worry about or impatient waiters. We ate slowly, caught up, shared plenty of laughs, and just had a really nice relaxing meal. After brunch we took a little trip to Central Market, which might not sound like an appropriate thing to do on Mother's Day, but it really was. My mom and I used to go there almost every week together, and we never do that any more. When I was little I'd tag along and as I got older I would shop for my own groceries.
^^ Homemade pastry pop-tarts! ^^
^^ My first frittata ever (made & tasted)! ^^
I am so thankful to have those women in my life. They have taught me so many things, and with out them I wouldn't be who I am today. (Well... I wouldn't even exist.) Mom, you are always willing to listen, especially when no one else is. You have always been so supportive and tell me the truth even when I don't want to hear it. You always give me advice when I need it. You have taught me to be kind and to put others first. You have shared your love of food and cooking with me. I really don't know what I would do with out you. I love you!

PS: A recipe for the pastry pop-tarts will be on the blog later this week!

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