Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy belated Easter to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend as much as I did. I was treated to Friday off, which made for a nice long(er) weekend that went by way too fast!

Fern and I enjoyed lunch together on Friday, which was really nice because we never get to do that. Then I spent some time with my friend Nick and his dog Jasper at the dog park.
^^ My first Jarritos ^^
On Saturday, Nick invited Fern and I to join his family at their annual Easter party. It was really nice to relax outside (even though it was kind of hot) and just spend time together catching up over delicious food. Nick's family is always a ton of fun, too. I like to call them my second family. At the end of the party there was a huge cascarone battle, and even though we were bystanders we still ended up covered in confetti!
^^ This sweet little ice cream treat was such a delight! ^^
^^ Such colorful cascarones! ^^
Sunday, we went to Bussey's Flea Market. Unfortunately, most of the vendors weren't there because of the holiday, but I did find some super cute succulents for a great price! The things you find at flea markets can be so interesting. After the flea market, we spent the day outside at The Friendly Spot, then went to dinner with a group of friends at a Korean restaurant. Very random for Easter dinner! A couple of us had never tried Korean food before, so it was exciting to enjoy the experience together. It was pretty tasty!
^^ These were little appetizers they give you ^^

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