Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day Trip to Austin!

My family and I took a day trip to Austin to visit my brother Alex and his girlfriend last Saturday. I had never been to Austin with all of them before and my parents don't get the chance to go very often, so it was pretty special. We mostly walked around, ate, walked some more, ate some more, and of course knowing me... shopped a little.
^^ We visited Zilker Park and the Botanical Gardens. It was absolutely gorgeous! ^^
^^ I purchased some more succulents to add to my collection. ^^
^^ If you have not yet tried Gourdough's it is a MUST!! ^^
^^ The Mother Clucker: fried chicken strip donut with honey butter glaze!! ^^
^^ The Baby Rattler: fudge icing, oreo cookies, and a gummy snake!! ^^
^^ Someone enjoyed his donut :) ^^

1 comment:

Lizzie Dupnik said...

Y'all hit up some of the best spots! Love me some Gordoughs #fatkidfolife

awesome pics!

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