Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craw Fish Boil!

This past weekend a friend from Dallas came to visit, and what better to do than play tourist?! Holly, Nick, Fernando, and I decided to take Stan around town to see some hidden treasures. Complete with a t-shirt for every place we went! You know that it wouldn't be a proper trip if there weren't souvenirs involved. Thankfully the weather was perfect, too! Not too hot and not too cold, so we knew for sure there would be a ton of outdoor activities.

Saturday morning started with a craw fish boil at The Monterey. Sounds weird for breakfast, but it was AWESOME! I kind of feel like I can never get enough of craw fish boils. They're so messy and unattractive to eat (definitely not good first date material), but so delicious and fun. After breakfast we went to the VFW. It's right on the River Walk and a great place to sit and relax outside for a while. We ended the evening with a big BBQ at my apartment. A couple of crazies decided to swim, too. It's still a bit cold for me to be jumping in the pool! Noooo thank you! Hope you enjoyed the weekend Stan :)

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