Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day.

Here's a few photos from Valentine's day! It was pretty low key, which honestly I prefer. Love should be celebrated every day! I don't care to go to some super fancy restaurant just because it is the day of love. I like to keep it quiet and have my honey all to myself. It would be more special to eat in a nice place on a random day during the year. Well, at least to me. And of course, it's nice to give and receive gifts on random days during the year rather than just on holidays. 
^^ I had a surprise delivery at work from Fernando the day before Valentine's ^^
^^ I also received some sweet little cards ^^
^^ On Valentine's I arrived home to a surprise steak dinner! ^^
Complete with homemade chocolate covered strawberries!
Someone was all about surprises this year.

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