Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Days 19-24.

Day 19: In the spirit of giving, everyone at work is donating food for a local food drive. We decorated the box with various holiday favorites.
Day 20: Went to see the Riverwalk Christmas lights for the first time with Fernando and a couple friends. I definitely don't recommend going when it's 30 degrees out. And if we're being honest, I thought the lights on the houses in Windcrest were a lot cooler.
Day 21: I thought it'd be appropriate to spend the evening celebrating the fact that the world did not in fact end. Even though it is not Christmas related it is still cause for celebration! Some friends of mine had a get together at their house and asked everyone to write down what their death wish is on a banner they made.
Day 22: I had a coupon for a free coffee and donut from Krispy Kreme, so I decided to treat myself to this cute little wreath. Worst. idea. ever. I wanted to throw up the rest of the day. Definitely a sugar overload.
Day 23: I have always wanted to make my own wrapping paper, so this year I finally did it! I just used some butcher paper and a stamp set that included gift tags. It was a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get more creative with it. It's neat to give a gift that is personalized inside and out.
Day 24: My great aunt (she's 99 years old!) was unexpectedly taken to the hospital this weekend. Alex and I decided to spread some cheer and visit her. It was great to see how lively and chatty she is despite the circumstances.We are hoping she gets out very soon.

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