Wednesday, November 28, 2012

School Spirit.

I went to my first ever tailgate on Saturday which also happened to be UTSA's last game of the season. Don't ask me why I waited to do this until AFTER I graduated, but it was pretty fun! More fun than I should have had...

Geez some of those people come prepared. Which is excellent for the rest of us who only bring folding chairs, potato chips, and a cooler full of beer. Or in the case of Holly, Kelly, and I, only a case of beer. Oops. There was a guy next to us who made paella at the game. Right there! In the parking lot. And there was enough for at least 30 starving people. It was pretty darn delicious! I'm definitely sitting by him again next time. Thankfully next time won't be until next year. We're going to need plenty of time to recooperate and be more prepared.
PS: UTSA won!!

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