Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Autumn is Here!

This is my most favorite time of year! I love autumn. The leaves changing, bundling up, hot cocoa, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course pumpkin! I don't even want to mention the depressing fact that I can not participate in 3 out of 5 of these  things yet. Bleh. We're definitely getting ready for it over here and at least pretending it feels more like fall though.

Normally, I just decorate for Christmas, but I thought it'd be fun to start doing it for other holidays. Everything for Halloween is homemade and was really easy to create! Probably took 45 minutes total for the bats and the spider web . Crafts are fun, but I am not going to sit for 6 hours making a garland. No offense to anyone out there... I just do not have the patience for that. I'd also like to say that I can. not. stop. pinning pumpkin recipes. Someone is going to flag my profile soon. I guarantee it. By the time December gets here, Fernando will be lucky if he isn't turning orange... or round. The first pumpkin recipe of the season? Pumpkin chocolate chip bread!
Dear Texas: Please actually start to feel like fall. I do not appreciate that cold front teaser a week and a half ago. It is time to pull out my scarves, sweaters, tights, and boots. It is time to drink hot cocoa. It is time to dust off the crock pot. It is time to light the fireplace. It is time for pumpkin everything. It is time to not sweat any more when I walk outside. Please & thank you. Love, me

In the mean time, we will be imagining that it is cold by wearing thick, tall socks inside. And possibly listening to Christmas music on the record player.

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