Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Life Lately...

My brother got into UT (Woohoo!! Congrats Alex!), so my mom and I helped him move up there. This means I have a guaranteed place to crash any time I visit. Hint hint Alex. Of course, a pit stop to Buccee's was in order. Needless to say, I filled my basket up with beef jerky, fudge, and other deliciousness. Most of it was gone before we even reached our destination.
While we were in Austin we stopped at Hula Hut for dinner. That's an enchilada not a burrito. I'll repeat: that giant cheese covered thing up there is an enchilada and let me tell you it was pretty damn good.
Fernando and I celebrated our anniversary last week and spent the day at Boerne Lake. It was so gorgeous!! Definitely going back there before it gets too cold.
We also made some BBQ ribs. That didn't turn out so well.
I bought a donut maker! The Novice Chef has had me craving mini donuts, so as soon as I got my pay check I rushed to the store. There's been mini donuts galore in my apartment since.
I'm also trying to teach Phineas to use the toilet... It's not going so well right now, but I'll keep you posted.

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