Friday, September 21, 2012

How To: Melt Chocolate.

Unfortunately melting chocolate is not as easy as it sounds. It's not incredibly hard, but many people don't have one of the main things it requires. Patience. Dun dun dun... Believe me I wish it were easier. There would be a lot more people pouring melted chocolate over their spaghetti or vegetables. Okay, maybe not. But there would be a lot more people vigorously spooning it into their mouths right out of the pot. Actually, screw that. Bust out the straws.

There are two ways you can melt chocolate. I prefer the version with less items to clean up. Which ever you prefer, the most important thing is to keep the stove temperature on low! If you turn it up or don't stir it every once in a while, the chocolate will begin to burn. Once a tiny bit burns, all of it is ruined. It gets all clumpy and crumbly and then you can't do anything with it. NO ONE wants their chocolate ruined. If you disagree with this please just stop reading now. You're depressing me.
The first step for both ways is to cut the chocolate into pieces. If you're using a bar of chocolate chop it into small chunks. If you're using chocolate chips, disregard. Way number one: Fill a medium size pot with water and let it simmer. Then place a glass bowl in the opening of the pot. Be sure the bowl and water are not touching! Pour chocolate into the glass bowl and let it melt slowly while stirring occasionally. Way number two aka my preferred method: Heat a small or medium pot (depending on how much chocolate) on low. Pour chocolate into pot and let it melt slowly while stirring occasionally.

For both methods: Now wait patiently. It takes a bit of time, but it is definitely worth the wait. It's chocolate. Need I say more?

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