Monday, July 23, 2012

New Orleans.

Last weekend I went to New Orleans with my boyfriend and a few close friends. Ever since I went with my mom last year I have been wanting DYING to go back. I figured my birthday month would be the perfect opportunity to take a little vacation with some of my favorite people!

The drive on the way there was horrible! It wouldn't stop raining and the traffic wasn't any better. Let me tell you though, I am so thankful it was raining when we were there. The last day was so unbelievably and unbearably hot. If it hadn't have rained we probably would have spent the vacation poolside at the hotel.
We ate at a bunch of fabulous restaurants, of course. Mother's was excellent, but a little pricey for a sandwich. I had their special and Fernando ordered the shrimp po boy. I kept picking all the shrimp out of his sandwich because I liked it more than my own. Sorry :) Cafe Du Monde was a must! The beignets and coffee there are pretty much the best thing ever. We all wanted to go every day after the first taste. New Orleans also has the first ever Pat O'Brien's! In San Antonio we have one, but nothing is quite the same as the original. The hurricanes there were delicious and one is definitely more than enough! Before leaving New Orleans to head back home we stopped at a tiny restaurant called Coop's. Most of us ordered the taste plate which included gumbo, red beans and rice, jambalaya, shrimp creole, and a piece of cajun fried chicken. It was such a good way to taste all of the things New Orleans is known for! My favorite was definitely the red beans and rice and fried chicken though.
Other than eating our way through New Orleans, we spent a lot of time wandering the city... and Bourbon Street. We met a lot of fun and interesting people along the way that recommended places where the locals go. Frenchman Street was among them. The street has live bands playing all kinds of music through out the night in the different bars and venues. One of the most interesting things to us was that you can walk around the street with your drinks. There would be plastic cups by the door, you'd just pour your beer (or other drink) into it, and continue exploring the area. What could be better? Oh, and we also ran into Santa on Bourbon Street.

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