Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peanut Butter Syrup.

This past weekend I drove up to Austin and had the most amazing time catching up with my dear friends Kammie, Bobby, and their new baby Emma. After all, I haven't seen Kammie since January and it was my first time meeting Emma! We spent the night stuffing our faces with pizza, watching TV, and just chatting about all of the happenings in our lives. What could be better?

I do have to say, I have a new favorite person. I can not get enough of that sweet little girl. All weekend she was chatting, smiling, and giggling. Next time I just might have to keep her for myself. Or at least a weekend :)

On Sunday morning we relaxed in our PJ's while eating breakfast and watching Bridesmaids. Yes please. Did I mention it was Bobby's first Father's Day!! Kam made the most fantastic breakfast ever and unfortunately refuses to share her recipe. She cooked up some pancakes for us topped with bananas and PEANUT BUTTER SYRUP. I want to put peanut butter syrup on everything now. Literally. I could have eaten the whole container of it by myself. Forget the pancakes.

I mean this stuff is the absolute most AMAZING thing you could possibly put on pancakes. Ever. Bobby had the right idea by just tearing the pancakes and dipping. I went the more traditional route with fork and knife... until I licked every last bit of syrup off my plate.

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