Friday, June 8, 2012

Mama Z.

What is better than kicking off my blog with the woman who can be blamed for my food obsession? I felt it was pretty appropriate. Basically, she's been begging Fernando and I to come over for dinner. Okay, that might be a little exaggerated. She has asked me a few times if we would like to go over to her house for dinner. We finally both had an evening free this past Tuesday and thought it would be perfect for dinner with Mama Z. Exhibit A is the woman herself concocting our meal.
I also bought a new bike on Tuesday!! Happy early birthday to me! Fernando and I loaded both our bikes onto the car, so we could take them out for a spin before dinner. I must say this new bike is quite an improvement. Let me know if you want to join me for a spin!
Mama Z cooked up a dinner of shrimp and rice. She sauteed the shrimp in marinara sauce with snow peas, peppers, and some other veggies and spices. Then she combined it with saffron rice. Needless to see we inhaled it AND had seconds. I'm disappointed we didn't get a doggy bag, so I'll have to ask her to send over the recipe very soon!

Thanks Mama Z for giving everyone a little bit of insight into where I got this cooking disease from! It was an excellent meal as always :)

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