Sunday, January 3, 2016

15 Things I Learned in 2015.

Happy 2016 everyone! I hope you followed your resolutions and reached your goals in 2015. It was a really crazy year for me, especially the last 6 months. There were a lot of ups and downs, but I learned something from all of it. Life can be really unexpected, and I guess that is the beauty of it all even though it can drive us a little nuts.

Here are 15 things I learned 2015:

1. I was a TERRIBLE blogger.

2. A little bit of lipstick can brighten your whole day.

3. There are way bigger problems in the world than for people to be worried about red coffee cups and chocolate trees.

4.  How to train and run a half marathon.

5. You get way you pay for - sometimes it's worth it to spend a little more.

6. I signed up for my own health insurance plan!

7. Snail mail is the best kind of mail when it isn't bills or weird ads. It is just as fun to send cards/letters as it is to receive them.

8. Laugh at yourself.

9. Make sure to say "I love you" when you mean it.

10. Stop reading books you don't like. There's no point in wasting the time forcing yourself to finish it. You aren't proving anything by doing so.

11. The bad things that happen in life are usually the ones you least expect, so stop worrying yourself about them.

12. It's okay to be alone, and it's important to do things by yourself sometimes.

13. Save money. It will save you later.

14. Take pictures, but don't forget to enjoy the moment, too.

15. Bet on yourself.

I can't wait to see what this year brings. I have a good feeling about it. The lessons to be learned, goals to be reached, memories to be made, and all the surprises along the way.

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Anchorage, Alaska.

This post is way overdue, but as some of you may know my family and I went to Anchorage, Alaska in August to watch Alex and the rest of the Texas 4000 2015 team ride in. We got to do some exploring around the city before and after they arrived, so here are a few photos. Hopefully next time I'll get to do some more exploring and see scenery and wildlife.

^^ Moose selfie in the airport! ^^

^^ Our hotel was on a lake, and this was the view from our window. ^^

^^ Downtown Anchorage. ^^

^^ Farmer's market downtown. ^^

^^ On the flight to Anchorage, we met the gentleman whose dad started the Alaska Coffee Roastery. He was at the farmer's market with his coffee the day we went, so my dad and I loaded up on a few bags. ^^

^^ Salmon fishing!! ^^

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Monthly Morsels: The Past Few Months.

Hi!! I've been hiding the last couple of months and in a big transition period (I got a new job!!), but I am back! Here are a few photos of what's been going on in my life. What's been going on with you?

^^ Alex and the rest of Texas 4000 2015 made it to Alaska! ^^

^^ On the morning of the day they arrived in Anchorage, our uncle - my dad's brother,  passed away from cancer. ^^

^^ Behold the Burnt End Melt from Dignowity Meats! ^^

^^ I visited Ft. Davis and Marfa with some friends. ^^

^^ New office! ^^

^^ Fairview Coffee Bar - that's a peanut butter and jelly donut with bacon on top. ^^

^^ Paddle boarding in Austin (checked off my 2015 Summer bucket list). ^^

See you soon!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

AZ Book Society: Catering to Nobody

One of my goals when 2015 started was to read at least one book a month and ultimately make reading a bigger part of my life. You might have seen that this goal was included on my 2015 Summer Bucket List, too. I've always been a book nerd, but at the same time have not always been good about finding time to read. Sometimes there are just things that need to get done ie: errands, gym time, laundry, cleaning, cooking... you get the idea. Other times it seems easier to watch TV after work because my brain feels like mush.

This year, I have read 5 so far which means I'm a little bit behind, and let's just admit that it obviously has not been one book a month. More like 1 book for a couple months and 3 books (one was a short story, so I'm not even exactly sure it counts) in the last month and a half. That being said, at least some reading is happening, which is better than none!

Recently, a coworker told me about the author Diane Mott Davidson and her mystery book series about Goldy the caterer, beginning with Catering to Nobody. Food and mysteries: two of my favorite things! In Catering to Nobody, Goldy has been asked to cater someone's wake, and despite the fact that she doesn't exactly want to, she does it anyway. She creates a beautiful menu and everything seems to be going great until someone falls ill, and she is accused of poisoning them. With her business threatening to be shut down, Goldy decides she can't wait for the police to get to the bottom of this and takes matters into her own hands. She begins to uncover all kinds of secrets that could make her the killer's next victim.

I just started reading it, but absolutely love it so far! It is a great pool/beach read! My favorite part is that the recipes for Goldy's catering events are included in the book. If you get a chance to check it out, let me know what you think by leaving a comment below - I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy reading!

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